Sales of moisture-rich animal feeds remain stable

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01 September 2023

In 2022, 5.48 million tons of moisture-rich animal feeds were delivered to livestock farmers in the Netherlands. This sales figure is comparable to that of 2021, indicating a recovery after several years of lower sales. This information comes from the annual survey conducted by the Circular Feed Association (CFa), the association of producers and distributors of this type of feed.

In its survey, CFa includes the sales of its members as well as those of other distributors to livestock farmers in the Netherlands. For many years, the primary moisture-rich animal feeds have included potato products, wheat yeast concentrates, press pulp, wheat starch, brewer's grains, corn gluten feed, and whey. Together, these products make up nearly 95% of the sales of moisture-rich animal feeds. The total quantity of moisture-rich feed materials corresponds to nearly 1.25 million tons of dry feedstock.

Valued and Circular 

These mentioned feeds are co-products of food production and are valued as a source of nutrition. They provide returns for producers and consumers and fit into the circular economy: livestock farmers utilize valuable and nutrition-rich (protein) products from the region. Additionally, production can save on drying costs, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions from food companies and the livestock industry.

Pig Ration 

The quantity of moisture-rich feed materials in the ration of Dutch pigs increased slightly by 1% to 2.93 million tons in 2022. The supply of potato products and whey was higher than in 2021. However, the sales of wheat starch and wheat yeast concentrate for pigs decreased. Due to higher energy prices, the supply of dairy products increased as processing became more expensive. The supply of wheat starch decreased as the industry purchased fewer starch products. The primary outcomes for the pig industry continue to be wheat starch, potato steam peels, dairy products, and wheat yeast concentrates.

Cattle ration 

In the cattle farming sector, 2.55 million tons of moisture-rich animal feeds were sold in 2022, representing a 2% increase compared to 2021. This can be attributed to a good beet harvest and higher demand for brewer's grains in 2022. The main products in cattle farming are press pulp, brewer's grains, potato press fibers, wheat yeast concentrate, and corn gluten feed.

Indispensable role 

Moisture-rich animal feeds play an indispensable role in the rations of Dutch pigs and cattle to the satisfaction of CFa, representing the interests of the involved producers and distributors while promoting sales. The annual survey includes products sold in the Netherlands or within a limited distance from the country's borders.


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