What are Potato Steam Peels?

When potatoes are peeled, brushed and processed into crisps, mashed potatoes or other potato products, various co-products are created.

Co-products are created during the production process of (organic) products and are not part of the final product. Co-products are therefore also called co-products. Valuable co-products from the potato processing industry include potato shreds, potato starch and potato steam peels. 

Potato steam peels emerge from the steaming process. After the potatoes have been carefully sorted and cleaned, the skin of the potato is steamed off. Then the potato peels are removed, for example with brushes. The potato is separated from the peel. These ‘steam peels’ are rich in starch and contain protein and crude fibre, among other products.

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Potato steam peels for pig and cattle farming

Peels are extremely well suited as feed for pigs, dairy cattle and beef cattle. Its palatability makes it a welcome addition to the rations of these animals.


Pet-food steam peels

Peels are ideally suited as a raw material for pet food. Because the co-product contains a lot of starch, it is a key ingredient. 


Potato steam peels for insects

Peels are excellent for feeding insects. Thanks to the palatability, the co-product is a welcome guest in insect rations.

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Pig Farming

Potato steam peels are very well suited to pig farming.

The peels for pigs are crushed (ground) into a homogeneous liquid feed. The product has a relatively high viscosity, making it very suitable as a carrier for premixes and liquid feed. Partly due to this property, the potato steam peels make an important contribution to the homogeneity of liquid nutritional products. Potato steam peels are therefore a basic component of many liquid feed nutritional products.


Based on dry matter content in the feed in pig farming, steam peels are used up to a maximum of 5% for piglets. For sows and fattening pigs this is up to a maximum of 20%.

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Cattle Farming

Potato steam peels are a valuable feedstuff for the dairy and cattle-farming industries.

The tasty peels can be fed to either pulped or non-pulped. In addition to the tastiness of the product, steam peels feature further benefits. Potato steam peels contain intestinal digestible protein and quickly fermentable rumen energy.

This rumen-level energy ensures the formation of propionic acid, which positively stimulates milk yield and dairy protein content. 

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Covering the silage pit

Potato steam peels can also be used to cover silage pits.

Thanks to the low pH value, overheating and the like are prevented during the summer months. Moreover, by using steam peels as a covering, you create an airtight top layer and do not need sand or any other covering material to cover the silage.

A very suitable by-product for covering the silage is, for example, Potato Steam Peels Ecofrost Non-mashed. In addition to their characteristically high palatability, Potato Steam Peels Ecofrost Non-mashed feature relatively high protein levels versus starch values and compared to other potato steam peels.

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Benefits of covering silage with potato steam peels

Using steam peels has a number of benefits:

  • Potato products such as steam peels have high nutritional values;
  • When you use potato steam peels as a silage covering product, pH reduction is accelerated;
  • The food remains tasty for cattle for longer;
  • When sealing your silage, you no longer need sand and you create an airtight top layer;
  • Using steam peels prevents storage losses and overheating during summer months.

Storage and shelf life of potato steam peels

The peels are usually delivered in loads of 28–35 tons. The steam peels are then stored in acid-proof and liquid-tight areas.

Use a concrete storage bunker or a storage silo, for example. When you store steam peels, the product has a very long shelf life thanks to its rapid and natural acidification.

However, it is very important to regularly clean the bunker or silo in which you store the potato steam peels. Preferably do this once or twice a year.

It is best to use steam peels within six months of the delivery date. Thanks to the organic acids, the product has a long shelf life. Pump round or stir the product regularly. The floating layer may sometimes remain intact.

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Potato steam peels at Looop

Our potato steam peels are sustainable, economical and full of nutrients. Originating from the food industry, they are suitable as alternative raw materials for livestock feed, pet food and bio-based products.

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