Liquid co-product reintroduces animal proteins into the food chain

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28 September 2022

In collaboration with Looop, Noblesse Proteïns has released a new, liquid feed. This product, named ProtiPlu, is a co-product of the production of hydrolysed feather protein. Thanks to its high content of highly digestible proteins, this co-product is highly suitable for use as circular livestock feed, allowing us to introduce these essential nutrients into the food chain.

Noblesse Proteïns and Looop are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their ecological footprint through the use of co-products in the food chain. “By using co-products in the food chain to create value, we can increase the circular impact of these resource flows,“ Jasmijn van Wakeren, Product Manager Pigs at Looop, explains. “In the past, such resource flows usually ended up at a fermenter, which led to the unnecessary loss of essential nutrients suitable for consumption by pigs.” 


Circular Contribution to the Protein Transition  

The protein transition is a term often used to refer to the transition to more vegetable proteins. A wider definition of this term involves making (animal) food production more sustainable and circular. 

One of the ways to do so is optimally using proteins from co-products. The liquid co-product flow produced during the production of hydrolysed feather protein (which is also used as pig feed) results in high-quality, highly digestible feather solubles rich in proteins. Edwin Huisken, Technical Account Manager at Noblesse Proteïns: “By efficiently managing these proteins, we offer a sustainable and circular alternative to plant-based protein sources, which currently often need to be imported.” 

Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, this co-product was turned into a suitable resource for the pig farming sector. To make it suitable for use as a full-fledged feed, it was subjected to extensive conservation tests as well as multiple NVWA and Securefeed audits. These assessments showed that the product meets the applicable laws and regulations.


Protiplu is a liquid feed, making it highly suitable for liquid feed rations. 

The dry-matter content is approximately 10%, and this, in turn, consists of 80% fully digestible proteins. This product contains a significant proportion of amino acids that are essential to the pigs, stimulating their growth, reproduction and milk production. Thanks to the relatively high fat percentage of 15%, this product is not just highly nutritious, but also very tasty. 


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