About co-products in pig farming

Co-products are finding valuable new uses on pig farms. Indeed, without the pig, many valuable products that we as humans no longer use would be lost.

The pig is the recycling animal par excellence and is not called the ‘King of the Cycle’ for nothing. Pig feed consists largely of co-products from the food, beverage and fermentation industries. In fact, co-products are a valuable addition to traditional feed components. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, but they also contribute to more sustainable and efficient pig farming. The use of co-products in pig feed reduces food waste and CO2 emissions.

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Co-products for pigs

Co-products provide pigs with valuable nutrients. 

Depending on the type of co-product, the feed is enriched with essential elements such as protein and starch. Co-products not only ensure that the feed is supplemented with necessary nutrients, it can also enhance the taste of the feed. A more refined taste and positive feed acceptance contribute to improved intake and increase feed conversion. This has a beneficial effect on the growth and health of pigs.

Mash feed with circular co-products

Mash feed is a mixture of liquid co-products and dry feed components. 

Using mash feed enables you to supplement the diet with various co-products in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. These co-products are rich in starch, sugars and protein. Common co-products used in mash feed include potato steam peels, brewer’s yeast, wheat yeast concentrate and wheat starch. These co-products are waste flows from the food industry that are excellent for processing into animal feed, maximising nutritional value on the one hand and eliminating food waste on the other.


Mixtures of co-products

At Looop you will find four tasty mixtures, each composed of organic co-products sourced from various industries, such as bakery and pasta, potato processing and dairy. 

These carefully formulated mixtures promote optimal feed intake and provide a homogeneous diet with excellent metabolic tolerance. These mixtures offer various benefits for your animal feed and are suitable for all pigs. Pig farmers with limited storage capacity are able to feed different co-products without additional investment in storage facilities. Furthermore, it is possible to feed your pigs stackable products such as bread and pre-cooked fries without the use of a pre-mixer, thereby ensuring a consistent feed rate. The mixtures are suitable for piglets, sows and hogs and allow for a high replacement rate in the animals’ feed.

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What co-products are suitable for pigs?

Pigs are true omnivores. This property makes many co-products suitable for pig feed.

By valuing these co-products as high-quality food, pigs make a huge contribution to reducing food waste. However, it is important to compile pig feed carefully so that they get all the nutrients they need. A balanced diet keeps animals healthy and enables them to grow well. The co-products that are excellent in pig feed come from a variety of sectors. Many co-products come from the potato processing industry, releasing elements such as potato steam peels and potato and croquette mash. Wheat products such as wheat starch and wheat yeast concentrate are also a valuable supplement in pig feed. Of course, these are not the only co-products we see in pig feed. Co-products from breweries, dairy products and bakery waste flows are also highly valued by the pig.

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The highest quality
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Using Looop’s Ladder, we value waste flows as efficiently and highly as possible and reduce waste.

Also, all our co-products come with all necessary certifications, including, of course, GMP+ FSA and SecureFeed. Because nutritional values vary, we regularly analyse and test our co-products. NIR (Near Infra-Red) is one of the methods we use for wheat starch, brewer’s yeast and potato steam peels. With us, you are thereby always assured of high quality – and of strong technical and financial returns.

Co-products for sustainable pig farming

Get the most out of your pig farm with our co-products. With the help of our co-products, you are sustainably supplementing your pig feed, reducing costs, contributing to the circular economy and promoting the health of your animals. Above all, co-products reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment. Opt for sustainable pig farming!

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