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Together with students, the HAN BioCentre conducts practice-based research to find an answer to the question of how we can make responsible and smart use of our living environment. For this purpose, the HAN BioCentre collaborates closely with businesses such as Looop that have a similar ambition.

HAN BioCentre is a Centre of Expertise in Applied Biosciences and Chemistry and its main areas of research are Biobased Research, Bioinformatics | Data Science and Drug Discovery. As a Centre of Expertise, HAN BioCentre is happy to share its knowledge (and facilities) with businesses, professionals, lecturers and students. 

Topics include the production of bio-based raw materials using fermentation and the development of separation techniques to make optimal use of residual streams from the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Looop and the Centre of Expertise work together closely on these themes.

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The start of the partnership

The foundation of this partnership was established several years ago when a graduate student decided to examine a residual stream from the cheese industry.

Given the rapid ongoing developments with regard to sustainability and circularity, Looop believes it can do more. That's why we have signed a cooperation agreement with HAN BioCentre. We have a number of interesting projects for students to work on. What began with a single project has since grown into a full-scale partnership between HAN BioCentre and Looop.

By examining what else can be done with Looop's co-products and its network, HAN students (particularly those from the Academy of Applied Biosciences and Chemistry) will contribute to our circular future.

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About our partnership

Moving Circularity Forward
About the partnership

Our partnership with HAN BioCentre goes far beyond the use of co-products; it is about developing sustainable solutions for a circular world.

As Kelly Vermeer, Manager Strategic Business Development at Looop, emphasises: ‘We are always talking to other organisations that can contribute to our goal of a 100% circular world without waste, e.g. by optimally upcycling residual streams.’ The partnership with HAN BioCentre plays a key role in realising this vision. The partnership represents a synergy between Looop's logistical and connective strength and the innovative methods and knowledge of HAN and its students. We have the means to facilitate the large-scale reuse of co-products, while HAN BioCentre possesses the expertise and techniques to discover new possibilities and further increase the value of our co-products.

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Biobased building blocks

HAN BioCentre mainly specialises in the use of fungi and yeasts for the production of bio-based building blocks such as microbial oils, biofuels and (alternative) proteins. 

The partnership with Looop revolves around this area of expertise. Carlien says the projects are a perfect match for HAN BioCentre's Biobased Innovations lectorate. ‘The fermentation of residual streams and the upcycling of residual streams through biorefinery are two key aspects of our bio-based research. It's worth noting that Looop also has projects tailored toward students enrolled in the Circular Economy master's programme. Both Looop and HAN stand to gain much from this partnership.’

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Where theory meets practice

Looop presents projects for students of HAN University of Applied Sciences. We get together regularly to explore new possibilities. 

The projects give students the opportunity to express their creativity and come up with new ideas. Carlien Verberne says the partnership is a great driver for students: ‘One thing I like is that a representative from Looop will visit HAN to officially present the project. For the students, this really brings home the fact that they will actually make a practical contribution with their work.’

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Kelly Vermeer

Would you like to know more about our partnership or are you curious to know how we can close loops together?

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Kelly Vermeer

Manager Strategic Business Development


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Together, we can close the loop

Only together can we realise a 100% circular world without waste.

Together with our partners, we work hard every single day to close loops. Strong partnerships form the foundation of our business. Besides our proud partner with Han BioCentre, we have collaboration and knowledge partners throughout the entire sector. Would you like to know more?