Vision & Values.


Looop's values: make optimal use of co-products, keep the cycle closed, be a reliable partner and learn something new every day.

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The power of circularity.

If we do not take care of our planet, who will? We dream of a 100% circular world where waste no longer exists. We work hard every single day to realise that dream. That should explain our slogan: moving circularity forward.


Together with our partners, we make the most of our co-products. By extracting maximum value out of them or processing them into other renewable resources, we ensure nothing gets wasted. The cycle remains closed and the co-products keep moving. We are already recovering nearly 2,000,000 tonnes of reusable resources every year. As far as we're concerned, that is only the beginning!

The Power of Circularity
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Always room for improvement

Always room for improvement.

What is good today can be better tomorrow. We are helping to build a healthy and clean world by making co-products available as e.g. ingredients for animal feed, sustainable energy sources and innovative, bio-based products. As a result, there is less waste and less pollution, we generate green energy and we contribute to healthy agriculture. In this manner, we contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17). 


We are not easily satisfied. If no solution exists for a problem, we will simply come up with one ourselves. We learn something new every day. You can benefit from our constantly expanding knowledge and from our processes, which are becoming ever more efficient as a result of our use of data, digitisation and automation. We dare you to challenge us!

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Partnerships for the Goals.

Our company’s roots lie in the agricultural and food sector. We speak your language and know what is most important for your business. Our solution-oriented approach, our own specialised transport company, our flexibility and speed and our transparent methods make us a partner you can rely on. Here you can read more about the partners we are already collaborating with and how we contribute together to our circular economy and society.


We are always looking for new partnerships as well. Whether you need a sustainable solution for your co-products, you are looking for 100% circular resources or you are the proud owner of innovative technology with which to process co-products: contact us today. 


Together, we are moving circularity forward!


Partners you can count on