Cooloo and Looop winners of the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20!

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14 February 2022

After an exciting pitch by the top five of the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20, Cooloo was selected as the winner of the Jury Prize. During this live broadcast, the audience unanimously chose Looop as the winner.

The jury had already formed a top 20 out of the many submissions that had come in. On Friday 11 February, the five best candidates got to present their innovations with a brief pitch at the Limburg Employers’ Association in Roermond. Viewers could watch the finale via a livestream.

Cooloo develops and produces sustainable furniture technology and materials using local waste streams and circular strategies. Director Ricco Fiorito: “We view this prize as recognition of all the hard work we have been doing for so long. This support from the region lets us know that our idea is solid.”
Along with the Jury prize, Cooloo received a sum of €3,000. 

Audience Prize winner Looop

The Audience Prize of €1,000 was won by Looop.
Looop's activities centre around upgrading organic co-products from the food and fermentation industry. Operations Manager Bram Kuunders says that his organisation wants to use this prize to shine a more positive light on the agricultural sector.

As part of a nation-wide initiative, the Limburg Employers’ Association introduced the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20 in the province of Limburg. Sonja Demandt, expertise manager Sustainability and Innovation at the LEA: “The Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20 is organised to put all these innovations on the map, keep them in the picture consistently and prominently and use them as a source of inspiration for others. Circular entrepreneurship is the future!”

The jury evaluated the submissions based on their circularity, the degree of collaboration in the chain, their scalability and their innovative nature. Delegate Stephan Satijn, responsible for economy and education within the Province of Limburg: “It is critical that we are all made aware of the importance of reusing materials as much as possible. By devoting extra attention to this topic during the Week of the Circular Economy, we hope to inspire more circular initiatives in the province of Limburg.”

About the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20

The Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20 is an initiative of the Limburg Employers’ Association (LEA), in collaboration with LIOF, the Province of Limburg and Rabobank. The goal is to demonstrate what the region of Limburg has to offer in terms of circular innovations and to help these innovations with the next step in their development.