About us.


Looop dreams of a 100% circular world without waste.

We believe in the power of circularity, strong partnerships and being a little bit better every day


Our vision & values

We dream of a 100% circular world where waste no longer exists.

That vision lies at the heart of everything we do: from our day-to-day tasks to coming up with innovative solutions and entering into new partnerships.

Let our vision inspire you.


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Moving Circularity Forward
Our Name

The Three O's.

The name Looop is special.

We are quite proud of it. It immediately tells you who we are and what we stand for. The world itself, every individual O and the design of our logo all have a special meaning and multiple layers.

Discover our story and the message behind our name.


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Our company’s roots lie in the agricultural and food sector. That means we speak your language and know what is most important to your business. That - and so much more - makes us a partner you can rely on.

Where does our drive come from? How can we be so flexible all the time? What can we do for you?

Find out now.


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Moving Circularity Forward

We do not do it for less.

Looop stands for quality.

We utilise state-of-the-art analysis methods, collaborate with innovative knowledge partners and meet numerous quality requirements. We want our co-products to be the best - anything less simply isn’t good enough for us.

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As our name suggests, we embody circularity.

If the cycle does not remain closed, the waste-free world we dream of can never become reality. To counteract the effects of climate change, we must take action now.

Fortunately, we began taking action a long time ago: we are the link that closes the chain.

Discover how we make the world a more sustainable place for all and how you can help us.


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Moving Circularity Forward