Mineral concentrate

Mineral concentrates are concentrated solutions of mineral nutrients obtained from the separation process of organic (animal) manures. 

This is done by means of reverse osmosis of processed and/or treated animal manure. Mineral Concentrate has a similar nitrogen effect to chemical fertiliser, making it an interesting possible alternative to such products. As a result, it is categorised under RENURE fertiliser (Recovered Nitrogen From Manure), the official term for fertiliser substitutes.


Good soil structure and fertile soil 

We give residual streams a new valuable purpose.

At Looop, we have various co-products as soil improvers, such as mineral concentrate. These co-products return nutrients to the soil, enhancing soil quality and fertility. Want to learn more about co-products as soil improvers?

In addition to co-products for soil improvers, our products also find new purposes in pet food, insect substrates, and animal feed.