Organic Nutrition Centre

At the Organic Nutrition Centre drying site, our potato (co-)products are dried using residual heat from a bioplant. During this fully circular process, residual products are converted into high-grade raw materials for the pet food industry. 

The co-products produced when potatoes are processed into consumer goods form an excellent source of nutrition for pet food. Co-products are rich in essential high-grade nutrients that make an important contribution to the health of cats, dogs and other pets.

The use of co-products in pet food is not just a great way to prevent waste. Compared to other ingredients that are commonly used in pet food, co-products are also more sustainable because they do not compete with human food production.

The drying site forms part of the Sikes Group, a family business based in Ysselstein. Besides the drying site, the family also runs a mushroom farm and a transport company.

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The start of the partnership

In 2021, the Organic Nutrition Centre began construction of a drying machine that uses the residual heat from a bioplant. The drying site has been fully operational since the summer of 2022.

At Looop, we are constantly looking for new ways and possibilities to optimally upcycle our co-products. The development of the Organic Nutrition Centre created drying capacity that Looop can utilise to dry its potato co-products.

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Moving Circularity Forward

Drying co-products


Drying co-products

Co-products from the potato-processing industry are transported to the drying site in Ysselstein. The potato products are then shredded and dried using a belt dryer. 

In the belt dryer, products are transported through the drying installation on a conveyor belt. Cold air is drawn in and heated using residual heat from the bioplant. This heated air is blown through the conveyor and the product, which lowers the product's moisture content. The air is circulated around the product several times before the drying process is complete. The entire process takes about an hour and a half. After drying, the potato flakes are ground and packed in Big Bags.

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Circular pet food

Applications of dried co-products

The dried potato products are packaged and transported to pet food manufacturers across Europe. 

There, the dried potato products are used for the production of various types of pet food. Our dried potato products are known for their high quality and for being gluten-free and rich in high-grade nutrients.

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Partnerships to build on

Together with our partners, we strive to realise our mission of a 100% circular world.

Without our partners, we would not be able to do what we do. We believe that strong partnerships form the foundation of our society. Besides our proud partner Organic Nutrition Centre, we have collaboration and knowledge partners throughout the entire sector. Read more about our partners here: