Digestion utilizing a vegetable digester

Sustainable biomass is playing an increasingly important role in our economy. Organic co-products make a major contribution to the transition from an economy that runs on fossil raw materials to one that runs on biomass as a raw material.

In a vegetable fermenter, bacteria convert organic by-products into biogas under oxygen-poor (anaerobic) conditions. In contrast to most other digesters, only vegetable co-products are fermented into sustainable gas in vegetable digesters. Animal products such as manure or other co-products are not fermented in these digesters. 

At Looop, we have a wide range of organic co-products that are suitable for vegetable digestion. 


Sustainable energy sources from co-products 

Co-products play a crucial role in a fossil-free society.

Various co-products are valorized in the digester. In addition to co-products for the vegetable digester, we also have co-products for other digesters. Want to know more?

In addition to co-products for renewables, we repurpose co-products for pet food, animal feed, and insect substrate.