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together, we can close the cycle

By working together, we can keep the cycle closed. That is why we are always looking for new partners. Together, we are moving circularity forward!


We want to collaborate with you.

At Looop, we are always looking for new partnerships.

Only by working together can we close the cycle - and keep it closed. Whether you need a sustainable solution for your organic residual streams, you are looking for 100% circular resources or you are the proud owner of innovative technology with which to process organic residual streams: we are eager to meet you.

Together, we are moving circularity forward!

What we offer

At the moment, we are recovering nearly 2,000,000 tonnes of renewable resources every year. As far as we're concerned, that is only the beginning

We utilise our extensive knowledge of co-products, our solution-oriented perspective and methods, the unique synergy between our subsidiaries and our years of experience in the agricultural and food sectors to close the cycle and keep it moving. Together with our partners, we reintroduce organic residual streams into e.g. the food chain as animal feed, raw materials for pet food and bio-based products for the human sector.

Everyone - including you - benefits from that!

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Our Vision

Purpose-driven company

As a purpose-driven company, we believe in a 100% circular world without waste.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of all our employees and partners, we are well on our way towards realising that dream.

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