Efficient valorisation of co-products through water treatment

Not all organic co-products are suitable for bio-based materials, and human or animal nutrition. Looop is looking for alternative ways to maximize the value of these co-products. 

In many production processes, residual streams are created in which water is the main component. Water purification makes it possible to recover raw materials and energy and to reuse water. Organic co-products can contribute to the purification process, for example by stimulating the growth of bacteria or filtering substances from the water. Co-products are also created during the purification of water. The co-products created during this process, such as sewage sludge, are then used as materials for renewable energy and soil improvers, for example. Looop carefully takes these co-products to a new destination. At Looop, we have various co-products available that are suitable for water purification.


Making the most of residual flows

At Looop, we give co-products a valuable new destination.

For all types of co-products, Looop looks for alternative ways to get the most out of them. We have several co-products available that are suitable for water purification. But our co-products are used for various applications. Want to know more?

Besides co-products for renewables, our products also find new uses in pet food, insect substrate and animal feed.