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Joost van de Wijgert
Joost van de Wijgert
Sales Manager
03 February 2022

Fertilizer prices have risen sharply in the past year. This sharp rise in prices is due to rising commodity and gas prices. The production of fertilizer is stagnating due to high energy prices, reducing the supply. It is expected that prices will not decrease in the coming months either. In general, the price of fertilizer rises in the spring, as demand in the northern hemisphere increases at this time. Recovered organic soil improvers and fertilizers make it possible to save on - currently expensive - fertilizer.

Soil improvers and fertilizers are important for healthy, strong crops and grasses. At Looop, we focus on innovative renewables. Healthy soil is also one of the main pillars of circular agriculture. Looop has several organic fertilizer products and soil improvers available that can replace expensive fertilizers:


Compost is an organic feedstock based mostly on plant residues. It is created by the breakdown, by microorganisms, of biodegradable material in an oxygen-rich environment. Compost is an organic soil improver. The essential function of soil improvers is to improve the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil. The organic matter content of compost is high. As a result, it has a beneficial long-term effect and improves, for instance, the structure and resilience of the soil. Compost also has a positive effect on the water retention capacity of the soil, making it very suitable for sandy soils. 


Digestate products are sustainable, quality organic fertilizers that are very suitable for agriculture, horticulture and livestock farming. Digestate is produced by fermenting organic manure and a mix of residual streams from the agri-food industry and agriculture. These residual streams contain valuable ingredients for energy production and improvement of soil quality. Digestate is the co-product created in biogas plants. Through fermentation, the digestate is enriched with nutrients; for example, it contains a relatively high amount of mineral nitrogen. Digestate can be processed in various ways, such as separating it. As a result, it has different forms, such as a thick and thin proportion. In addition, the NPK value (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) differs between the different digestate products. We would be delighted to provide you with more information about suitable products for your organization.   

Animal Fertilizer

In addition to compost and digestate, Looop also has various types of (wholly) animal manure available. Animal manure is also rich in nutrients, such as phosphate, nitrogen and potassium. These are three essential macronutrients to promote good growth.

Would you like to know more about all our organic fertilizers? We would be pleased to inform you about your options. 

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