Looop's team is available to our customers and partners day and night.

With years of experience in the transport business, we know how to plan every freight in the best possible way. Because we work intensively with other transport companies, we have the ability to meet every transport requirement of our customers and partners. Are you curious about the possibilities?

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Experienced Planners

Our planners have both practical and theoretical knowledge.

They have, as drivers, been through it all and know exactly what challenges a driver may face on the way to his destination. Because of their extensive experience, our planners know how to make the right decisions and schedule transport in the most efficient way possible!


Trained Drivers

Our drivers sometimes literally get their hands dirty.

Both practically and theoretically, our drivers receive extensive training in transporting (liquid) co-products and animal feed. This means they are not just any drivers, they are specialists in their field of transporting liquid animal feed.

Every year, they enrich and develop their knowledge through various specialised (GMP+) training courses. Our drivers therefore know the hygiene and safety requirements for all types of feed and transport inside out. You can count on them.

Moving Circularity Forward

Own Workshop

Good equipment is the foundation of any transport company.

To constantly meet our high quality standards, we have our own workshop where our trucks and trailers are maintained. This way, we avoid downtime and delays, and make sure the tyre pressure is always right. In doing so, we guarantee more sustainable transport which saves both time and money.

Working at Looop

Are you ambitious, driven and entrepreneurial?

Then we want to meet you. At Looop, we are always looking for drivers, planners and workshop employees who want to work towards a 100% circular future without waste.

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Specialists in the Transport of co-products 

We possess expertise in the transportation of, among other things, liquid animal feed.

With an experienced team, a specialized fleet, and strategically located facilities, we solve any logistical problem. Want to learn more about our logistics department?

We offer a wide range of co-products that are valorized for uses, including animal feed, renewables, pet food, and as a substrate for insects.