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Kieselgur soil improver

or diatomaceous earth, is a residual flow from the filtration process during the production of beer. Kieselgur is an organogenic sediment that consists for the most part of the skeletons of single-celled diatoms or diatoms.

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Joost van de Wijgert

Valid from 28 July 2022

Valid from 28 July 2022

Levels are based on averages and stated in grams per kg of dry matter, unless stated otherwise. Changes in product composition are reserved.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kieselgur

Below are the questions commonly asked about the co-product Kieselgur, do you have any other questions about the co-product? Then please contact us.

How should the co-product Kieselgur be stored?

The co-product Kieselgur must be stored in a bunker. In this way, the co-product retains its quality and archives the highest yield. 

Is the co-product Kieselgur on Annex Aa?

You may use waste and residues as manure if they are listed in annex Aa. Annex Aa lists substances that you are allowed to ferment during co-fermentation, after which the digestate is still considered animal manure. The co-product Kieselgur is not on Annex Aa.

Which Eural code does the co-product Kieselgur have?

The different types of co-products are defined in the European Waste List by a 6-digit code. For the co-product Kieselgur this is 02.03.01.

What is the current price of the co-product Kieselgur?

Curious about the current price of co-product Kieselgur? Prices of digester co-products change regularly. Our sales department will be happy to give you more information on co-product Kieselgur.  

Who can I contact about the co-product Kieselgur?

Do you have any questions about the co-product Kieselgur? Do you want to know more about Looop's range of co-products? If so, please contact: Freek Lemmen. You can reach Freek by sending aThen please contact us. You can reach us by sending an email to or by calling us at 088-56 66 723.