Organic co-product blends

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03 February 2022

Looop has four organic co-product based blends available in its product range. This range of blends allows the agricultural entrepreneur to feed by-products in a variety of ways. Blends are produced using the blending facility of our partner Hazenberg. These products allow Looop to meet the increasing demand for blends in the pig farming sector.  

The moisture-rich blends have been carefully composed by Looop. They contain co-products from the bakery and pasta, potato processing and dairy industries. The blends can be used by both sow and meat pig farmers.

Feed Benefits

The tasty blends ensure good absorption of the feed. The high carrying capacity of the products makes the feed more homogeneous. This prevents selective eating behavior on the part of the pig, ensuring that the animal takes in all nutrients. This promotes the pig's growth performance. In addition to the blends having a high energy value (EW), the high proportion of starch makes them very high in energy. The stable composition of the blends also allows for a high replacement rate in the feed.



The use of blends allows for the feeding of different by-products without having to invest in an expansion of storage capacities. No pre-blend? No problem! The blends allow you to feed stackable products, ensuring the feeding speed, without a pre-blend.

The blends are not only beneficial on a farm and animal level, but also allow Looop to better valorize co-products. This will further drive the transition to a more circular world.