Certifications & Recognitions

Within Looop we are aware of our important responsibility for guaranteeing food safety for people, animals and the environment. On the basis of thorough and certified quality systems, we guarantee the quality of our supplied feed as well as its transport.

Looop is QS accredited, certified in accordance with GMP+ FSA and GMP+ FRA GMO Controlled (VLOG) and a full member of SecureFeed. Our transport companies are QS recognized and certified in accordance with GMP+ FSA for the transport of animal feed products. Through our certification and participation in SecureFeed, we guarantee to meet the quality requirements through monitoring, quality control, crisis management, supplier assessment and tracking & tracing.

Both office staff and drivers regularly attend training and courses to keep abreast of applicable requirements regarding sampling and correct handling of animal feed products. Our employees of the Quality, Nutrition & Sustainability department actively participate in various sector working groups and committees at GMP+ International and Securefeed, among others.

We have all the necessary permits and approvals, such as NVWA and VIHB, for the intake and valorisation of non-feed co-products (waste flows). In addition, we are NTA8080 certified for a number of specific products.


Own lab.
At Looop we have our own laboratory where we analyze our (feed) products for pH, starch digestion (microscopic), visual aspects and dry matter content using three different techniques. In addition, we can analyze the nutrient values of a large part of our products via NIRS.


NIRS stands for Near Infra Red Spectroscopy and determines the dry matter content and nutritional value of a sample within 30 seconds on the basis of a large database with reference values.

In collaboration with Masterlab (Nutreco) we have developed calibration lines for our most common products. By gaining insight into the nutritional values of the (wet) by-products, it is possible to respond much faster and more accurately to the content of the liquid feed ration and the pigs can be fed more precisely. In this way we can always provide our customers and specialists in the field with up-to-date matrices.

Support & Advice

Our specialists are available for support and advice regarding applications and certification of co-products. We don't shy away from a challenge!