Potato peelings for cover silage

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Product description

Potato peelings for silage coverage

are created when peeling potatoes by means of a peeling brush bath. After peeling, a product is created consisting of peel and part of the starch available under the peel. In addition to the starch content, this product also contains a high crude fiber which benefits the health of cattle. The co-product Potato peelings has a long shelf life.


The product complies with laws and regulations. Mycotoxins, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides are tested according to the GMP+ FSA. The product is non-GMO (according to Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003).

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Valid from 15 February 2023

Valid from 15 February 2023

Levels are based on averages and stated in grams per kg of dry matter, unless stated otherwise. Changes in product composition are reserved.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Potato peelings for cover silage

Below are the questions commonly asked about the co-product silage covering Potato steam peels, do you have any other questions about the co-product? Then please contact us.

What are the benefits of using potato steam peels to cover a silage pit?

As you can see, using potato steam peels to cover your silage pit offers a wealth of benefits. It means extra convenience and improved feed preservation, prevents festering and offers an extra source of starch for your rations.

How do potato steam peels contribute to the preservation of the feed?

The acids present in the potato steam peels can lower the pH value of the silage pit more rapidly, reducing the need for expensive ensiling aids. A lower pH value in the silage pit will result in better preservation and inhibits the growth of undesirable microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. This will result in reduced fungal growth and spoilage, thus improving the feed value.

How can potato steam peels prevent festering?

Festering can significantly reduce the quality of the feed, as it affects the dry matter, flavour and digestibility. Festering is the result of yeasts and acetic acid bacteria becoming active in the silage pit due to the presence of oxygen. Potato steam peels are an excellent option for doing so, as they form an airtight layer and exert additional pressure on the silage thanks to their weight. Their low pH value also inhibits the development of undesirable microorganisms, often eliminating the need for expensive anti-festering products.

How are the potato steam peels placed onto the silage pit?

One of our drivers will spray the steam peels onto the silage pit once, eliminating the need to cover it with sand, car tyres or other materials. Wondering what this looks like? Watch the entire video here>