Regarding co-products in pet food

Our dogs, cats, and other pets deserve the very best. This applies to their food as well, and it's even better when it contributes to a circular economy.

We provide sustainable raw materials suitable for the pet food industry. These primarily consist of co-products that result from processing potatoes into consumer goods. Potato co-products are of high quality, gluten-free, grain-free, non-GMO, and also 100% circular.

High Quality pet food

The importance of high-quality pet food

High-quality pet food is crucial for the health of a cat, dog, or other household pet.

Premium nutrition provides pets with the necessary nutrients required for their growth and development. It ensures that pets receive an adequate supply of energy, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, thereby building a robust immune system.

Co-products contain numerous high-quality nutrients essential for the health of cats, dogs, and other household pets. Byproducts include iron, vitamin A and B, proteins, fats, and minerals. These nutrients play a significant role in the continuous development of organs and muscle tissue, and co-products also provide a substantial amount of energy.

Co-products in pet food

Sustainable pet food with co-products.

Processing co-products in pet food reduces environmental impact and lowers CO2 emissions. Additionally, pet food with co-products is natural, tasty, and of the highest quality.

Choosing pet food based on co-products allows for consideration of various ingredients with the least ecological footprint and the most nutrients. Compared to traditional pet food, co-product-based pet food is not only highly nutritious but also more sustainable. The use of co-products in pet food is therefore essential for the future sustainability of the pet food industry.


Drying of co-products 

Potato co-products are commonly dried before being processed into pet food. At the Organic Nutrition Center, these potato products are dried, ground, and packaged.

Drying co-products removes moisture, enriching the product with more digestible proteins. Our dried potato co-products are of the highest quality, flavorful, and packed with premium nutrients.


The Looop Ladder

We extract maximum value from our co-products and, together with our partners, form a closed loop that ensures these resources are used in a sustainable manner.  

The Looop Ladder helps us process residual streams as efficiently as possible. By adding value to food that would otherwise be disposed of, we help prevent wastefulness. In addition to our high-grade feed products, we also reintroduce co-products as sustainable energy sources and innovative bio-based products.

Ladder van Looop