Co-products for livestock

In cattle and livestock farming, co-products are used as valuable ingredients in animal feeds for pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens.

Co-products suitable for livestock mostly come from food, beverage, and fermentation industries and might otherwise be discarded. These co-products offer a sustainable alternative to traditional raw materials for animal feed and help reduce food waste. Common co-products used in animal feed include brewer's grains, wheat yeast concentrate, and potato steam peels. These, as well as other co-products, contain valuable nutrients such as protein, fiber, and minerals, which have a positive effect on livestock health and production.

The importance of high-quality livestock nutrition

High-quality livestock nutrition is very important for both livestock health and livestock productivity.

High-quality feed for livestock provides animals with the right nutrients needed for optimal growth, development, and reproduction. It ensures animals get enough energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals, providing them with a strong immune system and making them more resistant to diseases. In addition, high-quality nutrition leads to a more efficient feed conversion, meaning livestock can convert the nutrients into meat, milk, or eggs more efficiently.


Sustainable livestock nutrition

Natural, tasty, of the highest quality, and with the best value for money: our co-products are an asset to your business. The high (nutritional) value results in healthier livestock, yielding better and more meat, milk, etc. In addition, our co-products have a lower cost price compared to compound feed, which means the returns achieved are ultimately higher. Finally, good taste also plays a role. The animals love to eat the feed which means they ingest more nutrients.

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Pig farming


As a pig farmer, you can make an important contribution to our circular economy and increase your own returns. How? By opting for rations made from co-products. Your pigs can turn residual streams from the food industry into food for humans, i.e. meat. Additionally, the cost price and manure disposal costs of co-products are significantly lower compared to those of compound feed. At Looop, we know exactly what co-products are best suited for your pigs and we are only too happy to share our knowledge with you.


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Dairy farming


Dairy farmers play a crucial role in our circular economy. By eating animal feed made from co-products, the cows turn products that would otherwise go to waste into high-grade dairy and meat for human consumption. When you consider that the manure produced by the cows can be used for e.g. soil improvement and that the cost price of co-products is lower than that of concentrated feed, the choice becomes even easier! At Looop, we know exactly what co-products are best suited for your dairy cattle, so contact us today. 


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Beef farming


At Looop, we know exactly what co-products are best suited for your cattle. This ensures you always achieve maximum returns, both financially and in terms of your milk and meat production. As an agricultural entrepreneur, you can make a substantial contribution to our circular economy, simply by opting for feed made from co-products! Your animals can turn residual streams from the food industry into dairy and meat for human consumption. The manure they produce can be used for soil improvement and to replace chemical fertilisers. Ask us about the possibilities and become convinced of the many benefits of co-products.


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Efficient valorisation of co-products in livestock

Agrarian entrepreneurs play a crucial role in our circular economy. 

You can make a significant contribution to circular agriculture simply by opting for feed made from co-products. Pigs, cows, chickens, goats and sheep eat residual products from the food industry that would otherwise go to waste. Additionally, co-products have a lower carbon footprint than comparable feed with a different origin. This means your animals can help us close the cycle, contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and realise our goal of a circular society.  

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Our impact

Ladder van Looop

Cattle Feed in the Ladder of Looop

We make the most of our co-products and, together with our partners, form a closed circle that keeps them moving smoothly.

Using the Ladder of Looop, we maximize the value of our co-products. By upgrading co-products that would otherwise be thrown away, we prevent waste. In addition to our high-quality feed products, we also bring co-products back as renewable energy sources and innovative, bio-based products:


Our range of co-products

As a livestock farmer, you have come to the right place for a wide range of high-quality co-products.

Our extensive range includes liquid, solid, and dry co-products, excellent for optimal use in your livestock’s feed. Whether you want to offer liquid feed, roughage, or the co-products on their own to your animals, we have just the co-products to meet the palatable composition your pigs and cows appreciate. Give your livestock the tasty food they deserve.

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Co-products for feed

Get the most out of livestock farming with co-products. This sustainable addition to your rations will lower your costs, contribute to the circular economy and benefit the health of your livestock. On top of that, co-products reduce greenhouse emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment. Go for sustainable livestock farming; view our co-products here: