Potato steam peels Bergia

  • Product form
  • liquid
  • Nipple worthy
  • No
  • % Dry matter
  • 17.5
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Product description

Potato steam peels Bergia suitable for Livestock feed

are created when peeling and/or brushing the potatoes in a steam process. After steam peeling, a co-product is created consisting of peel and part of the starch under the peel. The starch present is gelatinized as a result of the steam treatment. The co-product Potato steam peels Bergia mainly contain starch and protein.


The product complies with laws and regulations. Mycotoxins, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides are tested according to the GMP+ FSA. The product is non-GMO (according to Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 and 1830/2003).

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Joost van de Wijgert

Valid from 31 January 2024

Valid from 31 January 2024

Matrix 1
Dry matter %
Crude protein
Crude fat
Crude fibre
Crude ash
Starch total
Matrix 2
Calcium (Ca)
Sodium (Na)
Chloride (Cl)
Potassium (K)
Matrix 3
Phosporus total (P)
Matrix 4
Lactic acid
Acetic acid
Cattle values
Matrix 6

Levels are based on averages and stated in grams per kg of dry matter, unless stated otherwise. Changes in product composition are reserved.


Feeding advice based on DS of total ration

Feed advice
Dairy cattle
max 15 kg product in ration
Beef cattle
max 1,5-2 kg product / 100 kg body weight

Logistics & Storage

Liquid with tank truck
In acid-resistant silo or bunker, an agitator is not necessary.
Shelf life
1 year, provided the silo or bunker is cleaned regularly

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Frequently Asked Questions about Potato steam peels Bergia

Below are the questions commonly asked about the co-product Potato steam peels Bergia, do you have any other questions about the co-product? Then please contact us.

What are the benefits of Potato Steam Peels Bergia?

The co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia offers various benefits. The steam treatment that the potatoes undergo ensures the starch in the product is properly broken down. This makes the peels easily digestible and allows the starch to be absorbed easily. The natural preservation (the development of lactic acid) gives the product a long storage life. Due to its relatively high viscosity, the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia is an excellent basis for premixtures or liquid feed. 

How should Potato Steam Peels Bergia be stored?

The co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia must be stored in a (trench) silo or bunker. The co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia does not require the use of an agitator. 

What is the storage life of Potato Steam Peels Bergia?

The co-product  has a storage life of one year. Note that it is important to regularly clean your feed silo or bunker. Doing so will improve the storage life and quality of the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia. 

What is the current price of Potato Steam Peels Bergia?

Are you curious about the current price of the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia? You can stay up to date on the current price and availability of the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia via MyLooop. In the event of a price change, you are automatically notified via WhatsApp, email or text message. This ensures you always know the current price of the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia.

Whom can I contact about the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia?

Do you have any questions about the co-product Potato Steam Peels Bergia? Do you want to know more about Looop's range of co-products? If so, please contact: Joost van de Wijgert. You can reach him by sending an email to jvdwijgert@looop.company, via WhatsApp +316 53 19 21 89 or by calling +3188 56 66 723.

What other potato steam peels does Looop have in its range?

Besides potato steam peels Bergia, we have several other potato steam peels. Such as potato steam peels Kroefpotato steam peels McCain Lutosapotato steam peels Nolikopotato steam peels Remopotato steam peels Waastenpotato steam peels Ecofrost not mashed