The transport of organic co-products is characterised by peaks in production, changing weather conditions and harvests. 

Flexibility, speed and sufficient capacity are precisely what you can expect from Looop as a logistics provider. Are you curious as to how we do this?

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Knowledge of Liquid Feed

Each product has its own way of loading and unloading. This includes liquid animal feeds. 

Our organisation has been familiar with transporting these (liquid) co-products, which includes mostly animal feed, for more than 35 years. With our specialised fleet and experienced drivers & planners, we are fast, flexible and can increase capacity.. 


At Looop, we have the logistics solution for all your organic (liquid) co-products.

We specialise in:

•    Tank transport;
•    Container transport;
•    Loose-fill agriculatural products;
•    Storage and transhipment (liquid) products.

For every logistics challenge, we look for a solution. Curious about the possibilities?


Vrachtwagen vanaf de voorkant
Curious about the possibilities?

Are you looking for a transporter for your co-products?

We would be happy to look at the possibilities! Contact our logistics department via Robert.

Robert van Haren

Manager Logistics


+31(0)6 10 03 06 22

Robert van Haren

Moving Circularity Forward

We are determined to tackle logistical challenges.

With our specialized fleet and experienced drivers, we are not shying away from any logistical challenge. Read more about it here:

Our co-products are valorized in various ways, such as in animal feed, pet food, as substrate for insects, and as renewables (such as sustainable energy or soil improvers).