Name change Wheat Starch co-products

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Jasmijn van Wakeren
Jasmijn van Wakeren
Quality, Nutrition & Sustainability Manager
19 July 2021

On 19-07-2021 the name and matrices of our Premium products are changed. Below, you can find more information about the changes that have been made.

Name change Wheat Starch Premium products

Former name

New name

Wheat Starch Premium

Crespovit® Extract

Wheat Starch Premium Speciaal

Crespovit® Fibre

Wheat Starch Premium Plus

Crespovit® Starch

Wheat Starch CD Starke

CD Starke


These new names are a combination of the brand name and a product characteristic.

The words following the brand name “Crespovit” are product characteristics.

  • Crespovit® Extract refers to the extraction of protein and starch
  • Crespovit® Fibre refers to the higher percentage of fibre in this product
  • Crespovit® Starch refers to the high percentage of starch

Matrix change

The products have been made more stable. Furthermore, the percentage of dry matter in Crespovit® Starch (formerly known as Premium Plus) has increased to 34%, while the percentage of dry matter in Crespovit® Extract (formerly known as Premium) has increased to 23%. These increases are permanent.

CD Starke is not changing and will therefore continue to be called CD Starke. The percentage of dry matter in CD Starke has increased to 17%.

Questions about the matrices?

If you have any questions about the matrices or our new product names, please feel free to contact Jasmijn van Wakeren, Quality, Nutrition & Sustainability Manager, or +316 37 33 42 64.