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Together with our partner Hazenberg, we produce tasty feed mixtures using a variety of co-products from the food, beverage and fermentation sectors. 

Our mixtures are a high-grade source of nutrition for pigs and insects. The use of mixtures gives agrarian entrepreneurs more ways to feed their animals co-products, which contributes to the circularity of their business operations. It also creates more opportunities for us to upcycle co-products and thereby contribute even more to the transition to a circular world.

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The start of the partnership

Paul and Johan Hazenberg, the owners of mixing site Hazenberg, gave up the pig farming branch of their company in November 2021.

Since then, they have shifted their focus to the mixing and transport of co-products. As part of this transition, they were looking for a collaboration partner with extensive experience in the world of co-products, which they ultimately found in Looop.

The partnership between Hazenberg and Looop was partly born out of the growing market demand for feed mixtures. We are always exploring new ways to meet our buyers’ needs and find new destinations for our co-products. Our partnership with Hazenberg is a good example of this. Only by working together can we close the loop.

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Moving Circularity Forward
The Hazenberg brothers speaking

Paul and Johan Hazenberg about their successful partnership with Looop: 

"The agricultural sector is proactively taking steps to improve the sustainability of the chain. With our feed mixtures, we make optimal use of high-grade co-products from the food and fermentation sectors. We are excited about this partnership and will work together closely with Looop to provide a constant stream of high-value co-products."

"Together, we evaluated the demand from the market and looked for ways to satisfy this demand in a sustainable manner. There was a strong demand for feed mixtures from farmers, particularly from pig farmers who have limited storage capacity but still want to feed their animals stackable products. By using mixtures, pig farmers can feed their animals stackable co-products without having to invest in additional storage capacity."

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The composition of our feed mixtures

Together with Hazenberg, we produce four different feed mixtures: Loooptimal, DMW mix, Bread mix and Fries mix. These mixtures are made using organic co-products from various sectors, including the bakery sector, the potato-processing sector and the dairy industry.

Jasmijn van Wakeren, Quality, Nutrition & Sustainability Manager, oversees the composition of these mixtures in close consultation with Hazenberg. When creating a mixture, important criteria are the demand from pig or insect farmers (e.g. for a mixture that is high in protein, energy or starch), the dry matter percentage, the nutritional value that pigs need to ensure optimal feed conversion and whether the mixture is homogeneous. A homogeneous mixture is a mixture that combines well with the various liquid and solid co-products. For that reason, a mixture always requires a carrier such as bread, fries or potato steam peels.

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The production of our mixtures

All our mixtures are produced at the mixing site in Moergestel. The various co-products are transported to the mixing site from our suppliers or our own storage and transhipment facilities. 

Liquid co-products are stored in available silos, while dry products are unloaded in covered trench silos. The recipe to be produced is selected on the computer. The mixing pit is filled with a wet pre-mixture to which single co-products are automatically added. Next, the dry co-products - e.g. fries and bread - are transported to the mixing pit using a loader. The liquid and dry co-products are then mixed together using the agitator.

Our mixtures are produced fresh and in relatively small volumes. The fresh mixtures are then immediately delivered to pig farmers.

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From co-product to mixture

The benefits of using mixtures

Using our mixtures offers many benefits. For example, mixtures are ideal for pig farmers with limited storage capacity who want to feed their animals stackable products without having to invest in additional storage capacity.

  • Other benefits of using mixtures include:
  • Improved feed intake;
  • The mixture's carrying capacity results in a homogeneous diet;
  • Intake of all essential nutrients for optimal growth and health;
  • No pre-mixer required.

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Together, we can close the loop.

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Together, we can close the loop

Only together can we realise a 100% circular world without waste.

Together with our partners, we work hard every single day to close loops. Strong partnerships form the foundation of our business. Besides our proud partner Hazenberg, we have collaboration and knowledge partners throughout the entire sector. Would you like to know more?