The pig, the ultimate circular animal

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Jasmijn van Wakeren
Jasmijn van Wakeren
Quality, Nutrition & Sustainability Manager
Pig farms
18 October 2022

The pig, the ultimate circular animal

The pig is the ideal animal for the circular agriculture ambition. For generations, it has eaten our co-products, the results of production processes in the food industry. Dutch pig farmers are global leaders when it comes to keeping this circular animal sustainable, and the pig population in the Netherlands is continuously decreasing.

On average, 45% of the food of Dutch pigs consists of co-products from the food industry. This industry produces consumer products like beer and chips, which inevitably create waste flows, also known as co-products. Examples of these include potato steam peels, wheat starch and brewer's grain. Foods that are unsuitable for human consumption are often perfectly fine for animal consumption, especially for pigs and beef cattle. These farm animals, the majority of which are pigs, contribute to food waste reduction and help turn these co-products into other high-grade animal proteins or meat.

Our co-products for Pigs

Looop offers tasty, high-quality co-products for your pigs that offer the best value for your money. The high nutritional value of the co-products will benefit the health of your pigs, and thanks to the excellent value, you'll enjoy a lower cost price per kilogram of meat. At Looop, we know exactly which co-products best suit your pigs. That way, you can always achieve an optimal yield. Thanks to over 35 years of experience in the co-product sector, we are a partner you can rely on. 

CO2 Footprint of the Pig

Thanks to the use of co-products like potato steam peels, wheat starch and brewer's grain, as well as the excellent efficiency of Dutch pig farmers, the CO2 footprint of Dutch pigs is the lowest in the world at 3.74 kg of CO2 per kg. This is an achievement the Netherlands can rightly be proud of. This goes to show that the agricultural entrepreneur has an essential role in reducing the CO2 footprint of the Netherlands. Studies by Blonk Consultants and ABN AMRO have shown that the CO2 footprint of pigs can be reduced even further. Thanks to the co-products of Looop, we can contribute to this process and help you, the pig farmer, to further reduce your CO2 footprint. 


Through collaboration in the chain that Looop and pig farmers are both part of, we can achieve efficiency and jointly strive for further reduction of the CO2 footprint of pigs. Solid partnerships are the foundation of this process. As such, we at Looop are proud of our partnerships. After all, without our partners, which include pig farmers, we would never be able to do our work. Only together can we close this loop, and take a step closer to a fully circular world free of waste. Would you be interested in a partnership with Looop? Please contact me. 

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