Hit the road with the right load

Looop has two weighbridges at its site in Venlo. You cross one weighbridge when you enter our site and the other when you leave.

You can use our weighbridge to determine the weight of your vehicle. This helps you ensure your vehicle does not exceed the legal weight limits and lets you accurately calculate the weight of your cargo. Insight into the weight of your cargo helps you draw up accurate invoices and ensures you can drive safely. 

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Compliance with laws and regulations  

A weighbridge is used to accurately measure the weight of vehicles and cargo. This helps businesses and private individuals stay compliant with the legal guidelines and weight limitations that are designed to guarantee road safety and protect the road infrastructure. 


When it comes to billing certain products, it is crucially important to accurately determine a truck's weight. A weighbridge provides a reliable and validated method to measure the weight of goods, which helps to determine the right prices, handle payments and record information used for financial reporting. 

Knowledge is power

Weighing vehicles on a weighbridge helps you monitor their weight and load over time. This lets you accurately track your vehicle's performance to avoid damage and reduce wear and tear.

Member of BOCA Groep

Our weighbridge is registered with BOCA Groep. BOCA offers an extensive network of weighbridges across the Netherlands. The BOCA route planner gives you a complete overview of all weighbridges in the Netherlands. Your BOCA badge grants you access to all BOCA Groep weighbridges, including the ones at Looop's site in Venlo. With this badge, you can weigh your vehicle at Looop 24/7. 

Don't have a badge yet? You can request one from BOCA Groep.

BOCA vlag

No BOCA badge

Don't have a BOCA badge? Not a problem! For a small fee, you can weigh your truck, camper, caravan or any other vehicle from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.30. 

Vragen over het wegen van jouw voertuig? Neem dan contact op met onze logistieke afdeling.




Frequently asked questions about our weighbridge

Below are those questions frequently asked about our weighbridge, do you have any other questions about our weighbridge? Then please contact us.

Where can I go to weigh my cargo in Venlo?

At our site in Venlo, we have a weighbridge with a capacity of up to 70 tonnes. Our weighbridge lets us perform accurate measurements and quickly and reliably determine the weight of different vehicles. We are located at Parlevinkerweg 8 in Venlo.

Why it is important to determine the weight of your cargo?

It is important to determine the weight of your cargo to maintain compliance with laws and regulations, guarantee road safety, realise efficient logistics, ensure correct invoicing and measure your revenue and productivity.

How can I access your weighbridge in Venlo?

You can use the BOCA route planner to access our weighbridge in Venlo and any other BOCA Groep weighbridge in the Netherlands. A BOCA badge grants you 24/7 access to the weighbridge at Looop's site and all other BOCA weighbridges. If you don't have a badge yet, you can request one from BOCA Groep.

Why is weighing your cargo important for the billing process?

Weighing your cargo is important for the billing process because it provides an accurate and fair basis for determining the correct amount of delivered goods. This helps to avoid disputes and enable fair pricing.


Getting on the road as efficiently as possible

A solution for every logistics challenge

In addition to having two weighbridges at our Venlo location, we also have loading and unloading facilities and our fleet of vehicles, among other things. Curious about our logistics department?

We offer various co-products valorized for uses, including animal feed, pet food, insect substrate, and renewables.