Efficient valuing by insects

They can turn low-quality residual streams into high-quality protein. Insect protein, such as that found in mealworms or the larvae of the black soldier fly, is suitable as a source of protein and fat for aquaculture, feed, pet food and even as food for humans.

It is very well possible to breed insects using co-products from e.g. the food industry. Think of potato steam peels, brewers grains, wheat yeast concentrate and - potentially - low-grade streams such as sludge. The breeding of insects therefore ties in seamlessly with our vision. By optimally adding value to co-products in accordance with the Looop Ladder, we can prevent wastefulness and bring about a sustainable future.

Co-products for insect farming

Discover the possibilities of our co-products for insects and contribute to a sustainable food chain! By using co-products as food for insects, we can efficiently and sustainably produce high-protein sources of nutrition for people and animals. Go for sustainable insect breeding.