Compost is an organic soil improver  

The essential function of soil improvers is to improve the biological, chemical and physical properties of the soil. 

The organic matter content of compost is high. This means it has a long-term beneficial effect, improving, among other things, soil structure and resilience. Compost also has a positive impact on soil water retention capacity, making it ideal for sandy and clay soils, for example. Compost can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a source of organic matter, improving soil structure or enhancing disease resistance. Looop supplies different types of compost.


Towards sustainable circular agriculture 

At Looop, we provide new valuable purposes for co-products.

Soil improvers, such as compost, enhance the structure and resilience of the soil, among other benefits. We offer various organic co-products as soil improvers. Learn more about them here:

We valorize co-products as soil improvers and repurpose them for use in animal feed, pet food, insect substrates, and renewable energy sources.