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looopsymbolWe are Looop. What do we appreciate most? Our employees! They are ambitious, talented and passionate. Together, we stand for a 100% circular world without any waste. We have only just begun and this is our story: #movingcircularityforward.

Proud of every Employee

Our people, Our Pride.

At Looop, we are not only proud of every move but also proud of every employee.

Our employees shape us into what we are: a business with a mission to be proud of. Together, we stand for a 100% circular world that no longer holds any space for waste. To reach such a goal you need to think out of the box, and that is exactly what we, at Looop, do every day.

Making Impact.

Our employees, make the difference. 

Every day we wake up to make an impact.

We decrease the CO2 footprint, the amount of food wasted and we reduce the use of newly sourced raw materials. From our chauffeurs to the director; our employees make a difference.

Medewerkers van Looop
Each challenge an opportunity
Balans duurzaamheid

The Balance

In this ever changing world, our employees find a balance.

A balance between efficiency and sustainability, overpowering ambition and the restrictions of the law, and between our work and the ever changing norms and values of our society. We see every challenge as a chance to develop our knowledge and expertise and to take the next step towards a green, waste-free future. We know that what is okay today, can be done better tomorrow. And at Looop, our employees get every chance to develop themselves the best they can.


Together, we are moving circularity forward.

Looop wants you!

Want to be the change this world needs?

Are you ambitious, passionate and do you want to be the change this world needs? Looop is the place for you!


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