Storage & Transhipment in Venlo

Spacious storage capacity excellently located in Venlo.

At Looop, we have a storage and transhipment site in logistics hub Venlo with a storage capacity of over 18.000 m3 spread over more than 30 silos. Are you curious about the possibilities?

Storage possibilities


Storage Possibilities

Looop's silo park offers the opportunity to store products in a convenient location.

We have 18 silos, each with a storage capacity of 850 m3. All silos are equipped with an agitator which, if necessary, can stir the liquid products. We also rent out 11 silos, each with a storage capacity of 245 m3

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Transhipment Possibilities

Looop is strategically located in the trading city of Venlo.

The transshipment location is situated at the confluence of the river Maas, providing connectivity to main ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, and North Rhine-Westphalia. Ships can easily dock at this location and unload cargo into one of our silos.

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Accessibility Storage & Transhipment

Storage and transhipment is located in greenport Venlo, which is the hub between the main ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The area is characterised by excellent infrastructure. It has a strong road network towards Eindhoven (A67), Nijmegen and Maastricht (A73), Mönchengladbach (A74/BAB61) and Duisburg (BAB40). There are also excellent rail (Brabant route) and water connections (the Maas).

Op en Overslag locatie Venlo
Kai Nijssen Assistent Dispatcher

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With decades of experience in the transportation industry.

We have a storage and transshipment site in logistics hub Venlo. Positioned strategically, we tackle any logistical challenge. In addition to storage and transshipment facilities, we have our own fleet of vehicles and two weighbridges. Want to know more?

Our co-products find new valorization as renewables (soil conditioner and sustainable energy), as substrates for insects, animal feed, and pet food.