BIG-Challenge 2023

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11 November 2022

BIG Challenge 2023 gets off to a flying start

More than 15 teams have already signed up for the new BIG Challenge season for participation in Alpe d'HuZes 2023. During the kick-off meeting in Wageningen on Saturday 5 November, more teams and other interested parties made themselves known. With this standing, the target number of 25 to 30 teams is already coming pretty close. As BIG-Challenge, the agri-food sector participates with a large number of teams in the annual event Alpe d'HuZes. By bike or on foot, participants climb the French mountain Alpe d'Huez, raising money for cancer research. 

Dozens of new participants informed themselves about the event and what makes BIG Challenge so special at the University's Forum building.  John van Paassen looked back at the early years of BIG Challenge and told those present what motivated him back then. "You know that 1 in 3 people will face cancer at some point in their lives. So that also applies to my family and the people around me." Having lost many people to cancer in her life, Gerry Minten-de Wit decided to participate. She was very impressed by what she found in France. She experienced BIG Challenge as a well-oiled machine that made participation a lot easier. Participant Arjen Kocks was initially reluctant to take in the €5,000 sponsorship money, but with a lot of enthusiasm he ended up bringing in more than double. That was also a message from the organization: most of them easily exceed the target amount, thanks in part to the help available from BIG Challenge.

Cancer research

Herman Houweling started BIG Challenge in 2009. In 12 years, BIG Challenge raised about €11 million for KWF, making it one of KWF's biggest fundraisers. Last year, over €1.7 million was raised by cycling and running. Besides raising a lot of money for cancer research, BIG Challenge aims to promote pride and solidarity in the Agri & food sector to a wide audience. Pig farmers, dairy farmers, veal farmers, poultry farmers, goat farmers, arable farmers, horticulturists, veterinarians, consultants, and researchers from the Netherlands, Belgium, and several other countries are committed to doing their bit with BIG Challenge. 

You can still apply for the BIG Challenge 2023

Participants can sign up with their team, e.g. through work or village, or be assigned later. Want to join or more information? Visit the website and sign up there. Treat yourself to that gift for life!