Our Name


The three O's in Looop represent the three pillars of our vision: the power of circularity, ambition and partnership.

On the way together towards a 100% circular world!


The three O's

Each O, a pillar.

Every individual O represents one of the pillars upon which our vision is built.

These pillars are inextricably linked together and flow into each other smoothly: our faith in the power of circularity, our ambition to be better every day and our promise to be a partner you can rely on. Where these three principles come together is where we stand strong: moving circularity forward.

Kernwaardes Looop
The name Looop
Looop logo ontwikkeling

Clear at a glance.

Looop is a name that immediately shows who we are and what we stand for.

We are the link that brings together suppliers, buyers and partners. With our solution-oriented approach, we close the cycle. We are firm believers in a 100% circular world without waste and we work hard every single day to realise that vision together with our partners.