Animal manure

As well as being rich in minerals, such as phosphate, nitrogen and potassium, animal manure also contains lots of proteins, fatty acids and other organic substances. 

This makes it ideal for promoting the soil fertility of your land. Animal manure comes in three forms: solid manure (thick fraction), slurry and liquid manure (thin fraction). The composition of animal manures depends, among other things, on the animal species, food composition and flushing water. As a result, there is an exceptionally wide of variety of animal manures. 


Returning nutrients to the soil

Soil improvers contribute to good soil structure and fertile soil.

We close the loop by utilizing organic co-products, such as animal manure, as soil improvers. In addition to animal manure, we have various co-products for soil improvement. Read more about them:

In addition to serving as soil improvers, our co-products also find new purposes in pet food, animal feed, insect substrates, and renewable energy sources.