Boundless adventures with Bert

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13 October 2023

Bert Cornelissen began his career at Looop in 2013. Over the years, Bert has had the opportunity to embark on numerous journeys across different European countries on behalf of Looop. This spring, he set off to the Italian city of Lucca.

Bert has extensive experience in transporting co-products. Currently, he specializes in transporting anaerobic bacteria, which he fondly refers to as "black gold," used for various purposes.

Chauffeur bij Looop

The transport of these bacteria is typically carried out to maintain bacterial ecosystems at various organizations, such as paper factories and wastewater treatment plants. Bacteria play a crucial role in processes like biogas production through the breakdown of organic materials and in fermentation processes, producing substances like ethanol. Moreover, they are essential in purifying wastewater.

According to Bert, anaerobic transport is a unique line of work, but he finds it incredibly interesting. Besides wearing an overall, he is equipped with an HS meter and an oxygen mask, among other safety gear. Concentration and calmness are crucial in this line of work, as the product's quality must be closely monitored, and pressure can sometimes rise due to the fermentation of the bacteria.

Traveling the World

In 2016, Bert and his wife decided to move to Prabuty, a picturesque town in Poland with approximately 8,500 inhabitants. Despite the move, Bert's work at Looop regularly brings him to the Netherlands, which he considers a pleasant bonus. He enjoys spending time in the Netherlands and appreciates the opportunity to combine work with his time there. However, the Netherlands is not the only destination Looop has taken Bert to. Over the years, he has had the chance to visit various countries, including Norway, Poland, England, France, Spain, and East Germany. As a result, he has developed quite a knack for languages, speaking Dutch, Polish, French, English, and German—a true polyglot. Besides his colleagues, Bert considers traveling to be one of the highlights of his work: "You get to visit beautiful locations and unique places."

Vrachtwagen voor bergen

Throughout the year, Bert undertakes various journeys but goes on longer trips about five times a year, typically lasting two to three weeks. This spring, in late May, he set out from Strasbourg towards the charming town of Apt, located in the heart of the French Provence. The route was fantastic, with the highlight being Mont Blanc, a place he hadn't visited in 20 years. The cargo was loaded here before continuing the journey towards Lucca in Tuscany, Italy.

During the trip, there is also time for relaxation. Bert spent the weekend in the French town of Senas, a delightful place to unwind. Of course, there was the opportunity to savor the local culture and hospitality. During dinner, he met three other truck drivers, and they enjoyed a meal accompanied by a glass of the local specialty. The following morning, they decided to hike together to a nearby mountain lake. It was a warm day, perfect for cooling off in the cold and clear water.


Subsequently, they explored Senas culturally, including a visit to Notre Dame de Beauregard, a historical and religious monument. In this church, Bert paid his respects to his colleagues who had passed away in recent years and lit a candle.

From Senas, the journey continued to Lucca, passing through the enchanting Italian Riviera. Along the way, they sampled Italian delights such as pizza and pasta. In Lucca, the cargo was unloaded. After unloading, the return journey to Apt began to pick up a new load, and then they returned to Lucca for the next delivery. The Mediterranean journey slowly ended, and the trip back home commenced. Overall, it was a beautiful journey with even more beautiful memories.