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With its sustainable co-products, such as animal feed for pig farmers, Looop contributes to circular livestock farming. Maximum value is extracted from residual streams and they are optimally utilised.


Nutritious animal feed

Natural, delicious, of the highest quality and offering the most value for money: our co-products have a lot to offer your business.

The high (nutritional) value results in healthier animals, which in turn produce better and more meat, milk, etcetera.

Furthermore, our co-products have a lower cost price than compound feed, which ultimately leads to higher returns.

Lastly, our animal feed tastes great. Animals enjoy eating it, which helps them get the nutrients they need.

Co-products for:

Pig farming  Cattle farming Dairy farming


Feel free to contact our product managers Jasmijn van Wakeren (Pigs) and Joost van de Wijgert (Ruminants) to learn more about our high-grade co-products.


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Moving Circularity Forward
Optimal use

Crucial role agricultural entrepreneurs.

Agrarian entrepreneurs play a crucial role in our circular economy. You can make a significant contribution to circular agriculture simply by opting for feed made from co-products.

Pigs, cows, chickens, goats and sheep eat residual products from the food industry that would otherwise go to waste. Additionally, co-products have a lower carbon footprint than comparable feed with a different origin. This means your animals can help us close the cycle, contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and realise our goal of a circular society.

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The Looop Ladder

We extract maximum value from our co-products and, together with our partners, form a closed cycle that keeps these co-products moving smoothly.

With the help of the Looop Ladder, we add maximum value to our co-products. By added value to co-products that would otherwise be discarded, we help prevent wastefulness. In addition to our high-grade feed products, we also reintroduce co-products as sustainable energy sources and innovative bio-based products:


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More information? Contact Jasmijn or Joost!

Would you like more information about our co-products and their uses? Feel free to contact:

Jasmijn van Wakeren, Product Manager Pigs, jvwakeren@looop.company +316 37 33 42 64.

Joost van de Wijgert , Product Manager Ruminants, jvdwijgert@looop.company +316 53 19 21 89.