From organic waste streams to high-quality chemicals

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22 March 2024

ChainCraft and Looop have partnered up. Looop is now a sourcing partner for organic co-products and waste streams for ChainCraft's production of sustainable chemicals.

ChainCraft, a leading Dutch company, specializes in the production of high-quality fatty acids from organic waste and fruit and vegetable co-products sourced from the agri-food industry. These fatty acids replace those made from petroleum or palm oil. By doing so, the company (indirectly) contributes to combating deforestation and helps reduce food waste and CO2 emissions. The sustainably obtained fatty acids are used in a variety of applications, including the (animal) feed, food and chemical industries.

The fatty acids are won through natural fermentation processes. "A continuous supply of organic co-products is essential for the fermentation process to remain stable and reliable." Niels van Stralen, CEO of ChainCraft explains. "Looop is a dependable partner for this."

Sustainable growth

Production activities currently take place at the demonstration plant in Amsterdam, which produces up to 2,000 tonnes of (medium-chain) fatty acid salts per year. As soon as the plant reaches its maximum production capacity, Looop knows how to turn surplus waste streams into profitable resources for other markets and/or applications. As a result, Looop can provide ChainCraft with a constant supply and guarantee waste streams and by-products from various foodstuff producers. "As a buffer between the scale-up and foodstuff, we meet their needs on both ends. After all, two independent factories are never in sync. A win-win-win situation that allows us to further aid the circular transition.” Kelly Vermeer, Manager Strategic Business Development at Looop explains. ChainCraft’s plans to build a full-scale plant that is capable of producing more than 20,000 tonnes per year are well underway.

Both ChainCraft and Looop are committed to the transition to a fully circular world. Both organisations are convinced that circular production is the key to achieving a sustainable, climate-neutral economy and society. Kelly Vermeer says: "We are constantly looking for new applications for our by-products, always striving for the highest possible value." ChainCraft knows how to convert waste streams into high-quality chemical building blocks for a wide range of products such as lubricants, animal feed, flavourings or cleaning products. The result is an efficient utilisation of residual flows, ultimately leading to a smaller ecological footprint. ChainCraft's fatty acid production from waste streams has a three to six times lower global warming potential than the current palm or petroleum-based method.

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