Circular Economy Week 2024

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08 March 2024

On Monday, March 11, Circular Economy Week kicks off. This six-day campaign week, now in its ninth edition, runs until March 16. During this week, organizations showcase what circular business practices look like to encourage, inspire, and motivate other businesses to embrace them as well.

Circular Economy Week is the largest national inspiration and networking event for (starting) circular entrepreneurs. It is filled with presentations, tours, excursions, and workshops across the country. The entire program can be found on the website The Circular Economy Week is an initiative of Het Versnellingshuis Nederland Circulair.

As far as Looop is concerned, it's a fantastic initiative. We believe circular business practices are the key to a sustainable, climate-neutral economy and society. Circular entrepreneurship is what we do in countless different ways. We collaborate with our partners to create new raw materials and ingredients from co-products and waste streams from the food and fermentation industry. These are applied in animal and livestock feed, as a sustainable energy source, or bio-based products. This way, we close the loop and keep co-products in motion, ensuring no raw materials are lost, and CO2 emissions are reduced.


Circular Economy Week's strength is bringing together different stakeholders with a circular motivation. Collaboration is crucial for a successful transition to a circular economy. Creating a blue economy depends heavily on dynamic circular ecosystems where knowledge, products, and materials are exchanged. Companies and organizations can jointly share expertise in designing products for reuse, developing advanced recycling technologies, and establishing closed loops for specific materials.

Circular Awards

During Circular Economy Week, the Circular Awards 2024 will be presented. Organized by Het Versnellingshuis Nederland Circulair! and supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, these awards highlight inspiring products, projects, and entrepreneurs in our circular economy for the seventh time.

The Circular Awards are an honorable recognition for organizations making a difference in the transition to a circular world. The award is a national initiative and was organized for the first time in the province of Limburg in 2021. That year, Looop won the audience award in the Limburg Circular Innovation Top 20. The nominees in the 'Business' category of the Circular Awards 2024 are Buurman, United Repair Centre, and Tiny Library. In the 'Public' category, Closing the Loop (known for the first recycled viaduct), PHA2USE, and DigiC – Digitalization in the circular construction economy have a chance to win. This year's new addition is the 'Circular Chain' category, focusing on successful circular collaborations in the chain. In this category, Stichting Wood Loop, Stichting Clean Climber, and Circulair Plasticketen Rotterdam are the finalists.

The awards will be presented on Thursday, March 14. We wish all nominees the best of luck.



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