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Innovative insects.

The world population continues to grow steadily and the demand for high-quality protein is increasing as a result. Insects can be used to meet this demand.

They can turn low-quality residual streams into high-quality protein. Insect protein, such as that found in mealworms or the larvae of the black soldier fly, is suitable as a source of protein and fat for aquaculture, feed, pet food and even as food for humans.


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The Looop Ladder.

It is very well possible to breed insects using co-products from e.g. the food industry.

Think of potato steam peels, brewers grains, wheat yeast concentrate and - potentially - low-grade streams such as sludge. The breeding of insects therefore ties in seamlessly with our vision. By optimally adding value to co-products in accordance with the Looop Ladder, we can prevent wastefulness and bring about a sustainable future.


The highest quality.

Our co-products have all essential certifications, including GMP+ FSA and SecureFeed. As the nutritional value can vary, we regularly analyse and test our co-products. That means you are guaranteed to get products of the very finest quality every time.


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We learn something new every day.

We believe that what is good today can be even better tomorrow. We are therefore constantly expanding our knowledge of the process of adding value to co-products.

We do this together with our suppliers and various renowned institutions, including Wageningen University & Research, Brainport Eindhoven and the United against Food Waste Foundation. Together, we are constantly striving towards the realisation of our mission: a 100% circular world without waste.


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