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As a beef farmer, you can make an important contribution to our circular economy and increase your own returns.


At Looop, we know exactly what co-products are best suited for your cattle. This ensures you always achieve maximum returns, both financially and in terms of your meat production. As an agricultural entrepreneur, you can make a substantial contribution to our circular economy, simply by opting for feed made from co-products! Your animals can turn residual streams from the food industry into meat for human consumption. The manure they produce can be used for soil improvement and to replace chemical fertilisers. Ask us about the possibilities and become convinced of the many benefits of co-products.


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We offer quality.

The Looop Ladder shows how we extract maximum value from waste/residual streams.

You can efficiently prevent wastefulness by choosing animal feed made from our co-products. What's more, we only offer co-products - and therefore animal feed - of the very highest quality. All our co-products have various certifications, including GMP+ FSA and SecureFeed. Since the nutritional value can vary, we regularly conduct analyses and tests. For wheat starch, brewer's yeast and potato steam peels, for example, we use the state-of-the-art NIR (Near Infrared) technology.


We are constantly expanding our knowledge.

Together with renowned institutions, including Wageningen University & Research, Brainport Eindhoven and the United against Food Waste Foundation, we continue to learn more every day about the process of adding maximum value to co-products.

We do this because we are convinced that what is good today can be even better tomorrow. Every day, that attitude brings us a little bit closer to our goal of realising a 100% circular world without waste. When you choose Looop's co-products, you choose a wealth of expertise that you can benefit from.

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