Processing Residual Streams in Biogas and Water Purification Installations

Residual streams and co-products are valuable raw materials for biogas and water purification installations. They ensure optimal utilization and reuse of (mostly) low-value residual streams and co-products, thus significantly realizing a fully circular economy.

Co-products for the Biogas Installation

A digestion plant produces biogas from sustainable biomass. Together with the biogas installation, a menu consisting of co-products, among other things, ensures optimal biomass conversion into the desired biogas. This sustainable utilization of co-products in a biogas installation brings us closer to a circular society.

By utilizing our co-products, we create an alternative sustainable biomass. Biomass can be digested, generating bio- and subsequently green gas. This substitution of scarce fossil fuels with sustainable energy production, including green gas, bioethanol, heat, and electricity, occurs as a result.

Residual Streams as Sustainable Energy Sources

During digestion, microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi convert organic substances into gas.

These organic substances are found in co-products from the food and fermentation industries. Together with digesters, we offer a sustainable alternative to scarce fossil raw materials, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

By contributing to green gas production by supplying co-products to digesters, we ensure that nothing goes to waste. We have co-products suitable for various digesters: manure digesters, co-digesters, industrial digesters, vegetable digesters, and NaWaRo digesters.

Maintaining a Closed Loop

We close the loop in collaboration with biogas installations, but how do we do it?

Looop supplies co-products to a biogas installation. These co-products are converted into sustainable biogas in the digester. During the processing of co-products into biogas, a new residual stream is generated, including green fertilizers such as digestate. This co-product serves as an excellent soil conditioner. Digestate products are sustainable, high-quality organic fertilizers suitable for agriculture or horticulture, among other uses. We restart the cycle by transporting and utilizing these green fertilizers as soil conditioners, closing the loop.

From Animal Feed to Biogas

Residual streams from pig and cattle farms can be effectively utilized in new destinations, including Renewables.

The manure from a pig or cow can be processed into sustainable energy sources (including energy and heat), after which the minerals, for example, in the form of digestate, are returned to the soil. This utilization of all residual streams prevents resource wastage. Together with the livestock industry, we maintain a closed loop.

Water Purification Installation

Clean water, a healthy environment, and nature are essential for us.

We seek alternative ways to valorize residual streams and co-products unsuitable for high-quality animal feed or other applications. In collaboration with water purification installations, mainly liquid residual streams are utilized for water purification or sustainable energy generation. Subsequently, this purified water is returned to nature. Both solid and liquid co-products generated during the production of goods in the food and fermentation industry are suitable for processing in purification installations. Water purification enables the recovery of raw materials and energy and promotes water reuse.

Highest Value for Our Co-products

At Looop, we valorize co-products according to the Looop ladder.

Co-products arise from the production of consumer goods. These co-products are sources of valuable raw materials that were previously discarded. Now, these co-products are upgraded to, for example, animal feed, pet food, or insect products. For co-products no longer suitable as animal feed, we explore alternative uses. Often, these co-products are valuable additions to the menu composition of a biogas or water purification installation.

Discover today what our co-products can mean for your biogas and water purification installations.


Our Co-products for Renewables

Maximize the potential of your biogas or water purification installation with our co-products. Utilizing our co-products will sustainably enhance your business, reduce costs, and contribute to the circular economy. Above all, co-products minimize greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a cleaner environment.

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