New: Nutribond®!

In January 2023, Looop expanded its range of circular co-products to include Nutribond®.

Nutribond® is a multifunctional feed ingredient. It is low in potassium and acts as an excellent auxiliary and binding agent during the pelletisation process. Nutribond contains important nutrients, including highly digestible protein. Moreover, it supports osmoregulation and has positive effects on livestock health.


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What is Nutribond®?

Nutribond® is a multifunctional feed ingredient. 

It has a low potassium content. This limits the amount of potassium in the feed which helps prevent digestive problems. In addition, Nutribond® includes highly digestible protein with a balanced amino acid pattern and betaine. Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine, is a substance that ensures several functions of the body. It helps maintain the water balance by acting as an osmolyte and reduces the need for other methyl donors such as methionine and chlorine. The presence of traces of the citric acid produced at Citribel promotes feed digestibility. Nutribond is a proven auxiliary and binding agent for pelleting in a wide range of feed formulations. 


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How is Nutribond® made?

Nutribond® is created at the end of the refining process.

The sugar molasses is fermented. From this, liquid citric acid and mycelium (a sponge-like substance) follow. The mycelium is then separated from the liquid citric acid. The liquid citric acid flow goes through a number of processes that connect and influence each other during different phases. During these processes, various products such as potassium calcium salt, citrates and gypsum materials are produced. At the end of the refining process, vinasse is produced with a low potassium content; Nutribond®.

About Citribel

Nutribond® is produced by Citribel. 

Citribel is the only truly circular producer of citric acid, citrates and other high-quality co-products. As a source of these products, they use sugar molasses, a co-product of sugar refineries. With the aim of maximising co-product value, Citribel is an excellent fit for our organisation. We are proud of this collaboration.

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