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15 May 2024

Looop specializes in valorizing and transporting co-products. We operate our own fleet, primarily consisting of tank trucks custom-built for this purpose. In 2023, we began the sustainable modernization of this fleet.

A sustainable fleet is not only important for a healthier world, but it also plays an increasingly important role within the value chain. Starting in 2025, the first companies will be required to produce a sustainability report based on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). The CSRD is a European directive for this reporting, covering three areas, including Environment. Within the logistics sector, this means, among other things, that extensive information must be provided about CO2 emissions. This includes both the direct emissions from our own trucks and the indirect emissions resulting from outsourced transport.

For this reason, we started making our fleet more sustainable last year. We aim to modernize our fleet, reduce maintenance, and, as the cherry on top, decrease CO2 emissions. This way, we contribute to the world of tomorrow. A significant step has already been taken. With the expressed ambition to replace more than fifteen trucks within our fleet of forty-five, a solid step has been made towards the sustainability of our fleet, both now and in the future.

Sustainable Fleet Replacement

In collaboration with our drivers, workshop staff, and external experts, including truck suppliers and subcontractors, we conducted extensive consultations to make the best possible decisions regarding the replacement and modernization of our fleet. Our priority was to ensure that the fleet is future-proof, with sustainability and circular solutions at its core. This means the fleet must be flexible to quickly respond to market changes and comply with current CO2 emissions and safety standards regulations.

New Trucks

We have acquired twelve new trucks in the past few months, including six Volvos and six DAF trucks. These new vehicles are significantly more sustainable than the ones they replaced. They feature advanced technologies that ensure more efficient fuel use and reduced emissions, significantly lowering our carbon footprint.

Considerations for Sustainability

While we are enthusiastic about electrification, transitioning to fully electric trucks is impractical for Looop. With an average daily distance of 650 km per truck, the current range of electric trucks (300 to 400 km) still needs to be more efficient. Additionally, the current charging infrastructure still needs to be improved. However, we are closely monitoring developments for a possible future transition to electric and/or hydrogen-powered trucks.

Our Fleet

Our fleet comprises over 45 trucks, providing various logistical solutions for all organic (liquid) waste streams. With our fleet, we can respond quickly and flexibly to unexpected situations, such as production peaks. In addition to our trucks, we have a transshipment facility in Venlo where ships can dock and unload into one of our silos, our workshop for truck maintenance, and two weighbridges.


Want to Know More About Our Fleet?

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