High-quality animal protein now also available in Belgium and the southern Netherlands

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08 May 2024

Following the success of Protiplu, Looop is expanding its range of animal co-products with Pro'cellum. This liquid feed has a high percentage of highly digestible protein content and is produced in Dendermonde, Belgium. This enables Looop to supply pig farmers in Belgium and the southern Netherlands with animal proteins in a sustainable way.


Pro'cellum, based on hydrolysed animal protein, has a very stable nutrient profile with a high protein content. The protein has a favourable amino acid profile. Partly thanks to this, the co-product is highly suitable for growing animals. During processing of the feathers, the sulphur bonds in the keratin molecule are broken by hydrolysis under very high pressure and temperature, resulting in a more digestible protein for the animals. This means that the product has high protein digestibility (>90%), making it a high-quality and highly digestible source of protein. 

Pro'cellum is characterised by the presence of glutamate. Glutamate promotes gut health because it provides direct nutrition for the production of intestinal cells. Glutamic acid and glutamates are also responsible for the characteristic umami flavour. Pigs greatly appreciate this umami flavour, so the co-product has a positive impact on the pig's feed intake. 

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Optimal resource valorisation for a circular protein chain

Pro'cellum is manufactured using a patented production process developed by Empro. Empro uses innovative circular techniques to process poultry waste streams into high-quality products destined for food, animal feed, agriculture and cosmetics. The organisation thereby strives for optimal resource valorisation: products that were previously lost as waste are now upgraded into new raw materials. Empro is thereby contributing to a circular world and a reduced ecological footprint, in line with Looop's mission.


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