Our Journey.


Looop has been active in the agricultural and food sector since 1925. We are now using our years of experience to help bring about a 100% circular world. On the path towards a sustainable future!

The start

75 years ago.

What started more than seventy-five years ago as a transport company has since grown into an innovative organisation with more than thirty years of experience with extracting maximum value from and reusing organic co-products. These days, Looop is a full-service (knowledge) partner that helps extract value from organic residual streams from the food and fermentation industry and a company with a clear mission: a 100% circular world without waste.

Geschiedenis Looop
Just the beginning.

2.000.000 Tonnes.

At the moment, we are recovering nearly 2,000,000 tonnes of renewable resources every year. As far as we're concerned, that is only the beginning!

With the help of the Looop Ladder, we extract everything out of co-products that would otherwise go to waste. In this manner, we combat wastefulness and keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. We reintroduce co-products as e.g. high-grade animal feed, resources for pet food, feed for insect cultivation, sustainable energy sources and bio-based products.

Future ahead.

Continue making impact.

With branches in the Netherlands (Venlo) and Germany (Bad Fallingbostel), we are currently active on an international scale in north-western Europe. That is not enough for us, however.

We not only strive to further expand our knowledge every day, but also seek to develop our organisation further and expand our presence on the market in north-western Europe. That is the only way for us to continue making an impact and help bring about the 100% circular world we envision so clearly.

Our past serves as a jumping-off point for our future: we move circularity forward.