Circular Cattle Farming

At the global level, the Dutch agrarian sector - and consequently our country's cattle farming sector as well - has the smallest environmental impact. In part, this is due to the high-grade productivity and the efficient use of second-rate raw materials. These raw materials, also known as co-products, come from the food and fermentation industry and can be effectively reused for the production of animal feed for e.g. cattle.

A large percentage of the two million tonnes of co-products that Looop upcycles and repurposes is fed to cows in collaboration with cattle farmers. The goal is to create a circular food system. The cattle (both dairy and meat cattle) turn these co-products - which are generally unsuitable for human consumption - into valuable consumer products such as dairy and meat.  

But what if the co-products are no longer suitable for animal feed?

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From Cattle Feed to Renewables

The residual streams that are then created at the cattle farms can be effectively used for new applications such as Renewables. The manure can be processed into a sustainable energy source (e.g. power and heat), after which the minerals it contains digestate are returned to the soil. In this regard, Looop forms an important collaboration partner for cattle farmers in terms of both sales and transport. This approach ensures all residual streams are effectively utilised and no raw materials go to waste. Together with cattle farmers, we can keep the loop closed. 

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Sustainable partnership with Cattle Farmers

Using co-products in cattle farming

The co-products formed during the production of food products can be most effectively utilised as a source of nutrition for dairy and meat cattle. At Looop, this value is created with the help of “The Looop Ladder.”

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Ladder van Looop

Co-products for cattle farming

Some of the co-products commonly used in cattle farming include brewers’ grains and cornmeal. These co-products are formed while brewing beer and producing corn starch. 

Furthermore, vegetables that fail to meet the right standards - e.g. because their size is inadequate - are also fed to dairy and meat cattle. In collaboration with cattle farmers, Looop delivers rejected carrots and green beans that can be used as cattle feed.

Co-products are also formed while processing potatoes for human consumption, e.g. while peeling potatoes during the steaming process. These potato steam peels are rich in protein and starch, making them a valuable source of energy. It would be wasteful not to use this source of energy and ultimately turn it into dairy and meat. Together with Looop, cattle farmers reuse potato steam peels as supplementary feed for their cattle. 

Valuable co-products are also created during other (production) processes. Would you like to know what these processes are?

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Co-products from other (production) processes

Valuable co-products are also created during other production processes. During the production of alcohol or bioethanol, unavoidable co-products are created that are exceptionally suitable for dairy and meat cattle. Some examples of these co-products are wheat yeast concentrate and Corn-DDGS (Distiller's Dried Grains with Solubles). These tasty co-products are rich in protein and make for perfect supplements to the dairy and meat cattle's feed. 


Bijproducten in de maler


Finding a sustainable solution together

Together with cattle farmers, we determine what co-products are most suitable for use as supplementary feed for their cattle. Whereas Looop plays the role of consultant and supplier, the cattle farmers and their animals represent the practical situation. Together, we find the optimal sustainable solution. At Looop, we know exactly what co-products are best suited for cattle farmers’ animals and we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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Are you curious to know what co-products we use in cattle farming?

Our price list contains a handy overview of all our co-products that can be used as animal feed for cattle.

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