At Looop, we add value to co-products using the Looop ladder. The production of consumer goods leads to co-products. These residual flows are a source of valuable resources that used to be discarded. These co-products are now used as Cattle feed, Pet food or for Insects, for example. Co-products are also an excellent addition to the resources used by biogas installations and water treatment plants, and they can even be used as soil improvers.


Sustainable Energy

By sustainably using co-products in biogas installations, we are moving ever closer to a circular society. Fermentation plants produce biogas from sustainable biomass. In consultation with the biogas installation, we compile a menu of sorts, consisting, among other things, of co-products, that will allow for the optimum conversion of biomass into the desired biogas. These flows constitute a sustainable biomass. 

With our co-products, we can create an alternative sustainable biomass. This sustainable biomass can be fermented, allowing us to generate biogas and, in turn, green gas. This way, we can replace scarce fossil fuels by producing sustainable energy: green gas, bioethanol, heat and electricity.

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Co-products as a sustainable energy source

In the process of fermentation, microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, turn organic substances into gases.  These organic substances are present in the co-products of the food and fermentation industry. This way, in collaboration with the fermentation companies, we offer a sustainable alternative to scarce fossil fuels and reduce our CO2 emissions. 

By contributing to the production of green gas by supplying co-products to fermentation companies, we make sure nothing is wasted. We carry co-products for various types of fermentation companies, such as manure fermentation companies, co-fermentation companies, industrial fermentation companies, plant-based fermentation companies and NaWaRo fermentation companies.

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Moving Circularity Forward

Closing the cycle

In collaboration with biogas installations and water treatment plants, we are closing the cycle. But how does this work exactly?

Looop supplies co-products to the fermentation companies. These co-products are then turned into sustainable biogas by the biogas installation. Turning co-products into biogas results in a new residual flow, which includes green fertilisers like Digestate. This co-product is an excellent soil improver. Digestate products are sustainable, high-quality organic fertilisers that are perfect for agriculture, horticulture and cattle breeding, for example. By transporting and using these green fertilisers as soil improvers, we can keep the circular process going. That way, we can close the cycle.

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Water treatment plant

Clean water is important for us, for a clean living environment and for nature. We try and find alternative applications for co-products that cannot be used as high-quality animal and cattle feed. In collaboration with water treatment plants, primarily liquid residual flows are used to purify the water or generate sustainable energy. This purified water is then returned to nature. During the production of goods in the food and fermentation industries, both solid and liquid co-product flows are created that are suitable for processing in water treatment plants. Water treatment allows us to regain resources and energy and reuse water. 

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Moving Circularity Forward

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